My name is Chalermyos Thiengchanya.
( 🇯🇵 Japanese: チャルームヨッス • ティェンチャンヤー)
I'm a Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) designer who use technology to create character , sculpture , architecture , animation , visual effect , texturing , lighting , compositing and reality technologies for film , television , computer game and application. I get involved in many projects such as commercials and interactive media developing. My most remarkable works are 3D environment for many studios in various countries. At the same time , I'm a senior web developer , programmer and graphic designer over 15 years of experience.

Currently , I have spent half of my time teaching 3D tools to universities , institutes of education and high schools that want to use the softwares and to artists or professionals who want to improve their 3D tools and CGI tools proficiency.
I'm looking forward to rendering the new world.
      My name is Chalermyos Thiengchanya. The ‘Future Bangkok’ is my the first 3D work in 2014. I have used Blender for Modeling , Animation , Rendering ; Photoshop for Textures. Consequently, I have been awarded the Creator Contest 13 [CRECON‘13] Awards from Digital Hollywood University , Tokyo , Japan in 2015.   Now , I'm a 3D creator and multimedia designer who creates stories with soul and wonder using 2D/3D Computer Graphic Tools , Code , Imagination. Go behind the scenes of CG works , Land of Smiles VR Game and more , and discover how interweaves art and science to create fantastic worlds where the things you imagine can become real.